You can be different !!

You know, it is so sad that we come from poor families. It so sad that some of us we are raised by a single parent. But that won’t build my dream.

Some people they don’t want to go to school because their parents didn’t go to school. Some they say even if you didn’t go to school you can be successful. Yes that true, but only if you do something about it.

Stop comparing our days with your parents days. Today we are proud of education not being uneducated. Never allow that mind of saying your parents are not educated because now we live in a different time.

Do you know how it feels to wake-up in the morning, not knowing what to do. Don’t you get bored when you wake-up and follow the shadow of the walls? Don’t you think one day you will be a parent?

If you don’t have a dream, you have a problem and if you have a dream without action, you are wasting your time. Dream big and make sure you do your best to make that dream come true.

People afraid to do things because they think of witchcraft. You know what, even if you afraid of that, all of us we will die. So stop to be lazy and get up from your comfort zone.

A life without a job is not a life, a life without education if you have a privilege is not life. That is why it is important for you to ask yourself, what do you have, what do you want and what to do to get that.

Life is a gift meant to be enjoyed. Take action. Know that on your way, there will be criticism and that part of the journey. You know what, keep going. Stop complaining about government. Go out and explore the world and see what it has for you.

When I say this message, it is so painful to me, it is not easy, please listen and take action. Don’t follow your parents foot steps, life is different today.

Think of your children, build them a future, never allow them to grow in poverty like you did. South Africa doesn’t have jobs yes but that can’t be used as an excuse. Take action today and thrive.

I am Edmond S’fiso Makhubele. Thanks for reading. Don’t just read or listen but take action. Thanks

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