“When the days are dark, friends are few”

Today I woke up and this topic pop-up in my mind. I believe that you know this proverb. In today’s life, when you don’t have things , you are nothing.

In today’s world, ladies won’t even see you when you are broke. Because what they want is NOT love, but what you have. Pity some get hurt before the month end.

All of us we have ups and downs. If something is good on my side, it might be bad tomorrow. But the sad part is, your family, your friends and others will only recognise you when you have brighter days.

If you have money, car or materialism, you will have living friends and family members. All those actions are lies because they pretend to love you while they know they love what we have.

Remember, when the days are dark, friends are few. Very few people are willing to help others. Most people they want to receive and never give. Just imagine when you are working, people will notice you, then just imagine when you don’t have job anymore. All of them will fade.

Never get misled by the fake smiles that you see. Fall down one day, you won’t see any of those people. Now your friends can fill the taxi, now your relatives wants you up and down. By the time things may change, you won’t be nothing.

Open your eyes to see the real love from people surrounded you. The person who really cares, will want to help you when your days are dark. That person won’t hide him/herself.

Know who really cares. There are some people who cares for you now before you succeed. Never forget them. There are people who ignores you like a dead dog, don’t forget them.

Learn to be independent, learn to read people’s thoughts so that you know who really cares. If someone don’t care now, let them know that they don’t have to care until you die even if your life my change one day.

You won’t be on that situation forever. Your days won’t be dark forever. The light will shine soon. Don’t forget. Know who belong to your side.

I am Edmond Makhubele. Thanks for Reading ( listening ).

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