Powerful words you must read.

I want you to know this : Never ever compare yourself to anybody. Run your own race and don’t look back.

The life that you are living today isn’t what you want. You see your friends are working but you are not. You see your friends are driving but you are not.

Understand this, everything have it time. We can start the race in the same time, but we won’t finish at the same time so our lives won’t be equal.

Never give up to life, never tell yourself that you will die poor. Get rid of that mentality that says I don’t have this, I don’t have that.

Wake-up, do something. Do whatever you can to make yourself better. Put a pride away. Do something you never did in your life.

Regardless of what you have or you don’t have, you have a gift, an ability to do something. So its time to discover it. You can do it.

My life is a mess I understand. Some say something bad on my back. Some think whatever they think about me. You know what, I am moving forward.

I know that, one day and I mean one day I will be happy. One day I will have lots of friends who want to gain from me. But that’s not important.

Don’t forget, your success is your success. You are the one who can make it possible. People will criticize you, but know your mark. Know what you want in your life.

Never ever allow someone to say , It won’t work, you can’t do this. Nah , just say yes that true but deep inside say No, I can do it and succeed.

Don’t forget that, they say the biggest mistake you can do in your life is not helping others to succeed like you. First work on yourself like I do. Second, help those who are really in need and those who are going to stick with you.

I have spoken enough. Thanks for reading this message. My name is Edmond S’fiso Makhubele. The author of this message. Thanks !

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