How to start a blog and make money?

Did you know, many people nowadays start their own blogs. The reason is that there are something to gain by doing so. Have you ever ask yourself how you can start your own blog? Keep on reading here to see how easy it is.

In USA, more than 80% of people trust guidance from Blogs. It is regarded as reliable and when they practice what they learn it gives them good results. Here in South Africa, blogs is still penetrating.

More and more people want to start blogs because data bundles become Affordable. The more it becomes cheap, is the more people have access to content and this create an opportunity. As you now understand why you should start a blog, let us explore on how how and where to get started.

To start a blog, you will need a topic that you want to write about. Which things do you love? Ask your friend about how they know you. Ask their views. Another thing, find the problem. Just get something that gives people problems.

Which knowledge do you think people need? Do you think is there any market for it. Remember you will need people who will read your content. Then after you discovered the above, now is time to choose a topic. Keep in mind that you will have to produce articles based on your topic.

When you are done, choose a domain name. A domain name is a name like You can use your name on it but avoid to put hyphen because people won’t remember it. Your domain name should be something easy to remember and easy to type. After that you need to choose hosting.

There are thousands of hosting companies which are good and bad. Some they are free, cheap but some they are expensive. In the hosting industry they say, you get what you pay for so choose wisely. Domain name can’t be changed but hosting can be changed of you are not satisfied.

I made it easy for you to search a domain name. Just put your domain name and search for it at the top right corner of this blog. Select search. Once it is available, please buy it immediately or else you might loose it. You can also buy hosting after you have successfully searched and find your domain available.

For now you are set. On my following article, I will take you straight to steps that will help you to build your blog. Stay tuned and please subscribe to my newsletter below. This will help you to get new updates when it becomes available.

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