How can you benefit from starting your own e-commerce?

Starting your own e-commerce business is one of the most powerful business models and a fantastic way to earn money online.

While e-commerce could mean selling an eBook from a landing page, it is most often used to refer more exclusively to online shops that sell multiple products and that have a particular layout and set-up.

The most popular example of an e-commerce store’ is undoubtedly Amazon . This acts just like a high street store and allows you to browse products at your leisure and add them to a shopping cart.

The only difference is that you can do all this from the comfort of your home and once you check out , the products are the simply delivered to you wherever you are .

If you ‘re looking to make money online , or even if you just want to increase the profits of your existing business ; creating an e-commerce store is an excellent strategy .

Scratch that : this is 100% the best way to make money online and that goes for hobbyists , entrepreneurs, bloggers and small businesses alike . Bold claim ? Sure is . But find out why we can be confident in making it .

The first thing you need to recognise is that e-commerce is growing . In the early days , people were uncertain about spending money online and found that it was daunting handing over their card details and trusting in a supplier that they couldn’t meet face to face .

So what is it that has led to such growth in e-commerce ? Well , the simple fact of the matter is that online sales benefit everyone .

The only reason online sales haven’t already dwarfed physical sales is probably the fact that some people still don’t trust shopping online or aren’t sure how to go about it .

Over time this concern will be eroded more and more – while tools like PayPal will make it easier and safer than ever before .

Try putting an e-commerce store on your existing website and just see what a difference it makes to your profits . And the potential for growth is massive.

So with all that in mind then, it ‘s definitely worth learning how to create an e-commerce store so that you can start maximizing your online earnings . And potentially , so that you can turn your small website into your very own brand selling products that get you really excited .

We will soon talk about that. Now let’s see the reason for starting an e-commerce now or to think about it while there is still time. Let’s look at how Internet usage grew in South Africa and the world.

This is according to the Digital in 2018 report by global digital agency, We Are Social and social media management platform, HootSuite.

In January 2018, internet penetration was recorded at 54% (30.8 million South Africans), up 2% from 52% in January 2017. A total of 29.2 million of the population (51%) access the internet on their mobiles.

“Well over half of the world’s population is now online, with the latest data showing that nearly a quarter of a billion new users came online for the first time in 2017. Africa has seen the fastest growth rates, with the number of internet users across the continent increasing by more than 20% year-on-year,” says We Are Social.

“Much of this year’s growth in internet users has been driven by more affordable smartphones and mobile data plans.”


Thirty-two percent of South Africans (18 million) are active social media users, up from 24% (13 million) in 2017.

WhatsApp has overtaken Facebook as the most popular social media platform in the country. In 2017 it was third after YouTube in second place.

Almost 50% of South Africans use the instant messaging service, while Facebook slides down to second place, pushing YouTube to third.

Multimedia content sharing service Instagram has grown to 3.9 million (7%) users in South Africa in 2018, ranking it the fifth most popular social media platform.

Thirty-eight million South Africans (67%) own a mobile phone, regardless of the type (dumb, feature or smartphone).


Increases have also been recorded across the globe. The combined number of internet users in 2018 is four billion, up 7% from last year.

The number of social media users stands at 3.1 billion, up 13% and mobile phone users stand at 5.1 billion, up 4% from 2017.

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Source : Some of the information from Eye Witness News.

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