Don’t take away your life. Isn’t over !!

It is so sad to see some people give up to life. Sometimes it is understandable because some problems may depress you until you no longer see the importance of life.

The problem is that is not easy to see that there are other ways to solve problems than to terminate your life. Don’t make mistake and think that there is no hope anymore.

The problem that you have might be nothing compared to other problems. Let me tell you a story.

The was two guys who were friends. The one his name was Eddy and the other was Caleb. Eddy said to his friend Caleb My friend, I have serious problem.

My wife gives me problem, she doesn’t sleep at home and when I try to complain, she threaten me. I think of killing myself because I don’t see the use of life now. I can’t be happy anymore with this woman.

Then Caleb smile, you know Eddy, you don’t have a problem. Your problem is nothing compared to mine. You know I have a wife and 3 children, Eddy say yes I do.

Then Caleb says, all of them are not mine. The first one he is 20 years, The second one is 15 and the other is 7 years. So that means I don’t have any child, she was just lying all along and now I take all of those children like mine. I learnt to love them but i am not happy.

You just cry because of the woman who cheat on you, a woman who doesn’t even have a child from outside and pretend as if it was yours. Come on, you can forgive her.

Then Eddy give it a thought and see the reality. People have so many problems but they don’t think of taking their lives. They know that some day, everything will be ok.

They understand that, in life there will be good and bad times and they are willing to deal with that situation maturely.

Before you think of life being useless, think of other alternative way to solve the problem. Learn from people who once being in your situation but today they live happily ever after.

Think about this and do the right thing. I am Edmond Makhubele.

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