Can you believe how talented is he when it comes to Photography?

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South Africa is a developing country, with different kinds of tribes. Is a beautiful country that is full of many talents yet to be discovered. How can we discover it, by knowing who we are.

Here I will be talking about another young man who will inspire you. This will help you to see that, you are not alone so you don’t have to fear anything. You have to come forward so that you get recognised. L

Sizwe Mvubelo is a young boy ( 20 years) who was born in the province of Mpumalanga, in the township called Thulamahashe and the village called Zola ( Edinburgh C). This young man have a beautiful skill and talent when it comes to taking photos.

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I discovered his photos when I check his Facebook account. It was amazing to me because, he is my neighbor, he grew up on my eyes but I didn’t notice he can do such things. That is why I approached him to found out how did he get started playing with pictures. Now just read how he responded when we conduct an interview with him.

”Personally i love nature and Art.. i used to download pictures of rivers,sunsets and flowers from the internet..i would study every image to see the art and creativity of every photographer.. i started taking pictures using my small phone tht didn’t even have clear camera.. the pictures looked so dull, bt i didn’t stop”.

When we ask if he took any photographic course, that’s what he responded “No- i did not study photographer. I always considered my self as an Engineer. That’s why i studied Fitting and Turning at Johannesburg college. photography was just a skill that i was gifted with”.

”My Goals is to see many people appreciating photography because pictures tell a story. Although i don’t have much experience in the industry. I will love to mix with best South African photographers, even worldwide. I will love to see my images on brochures,Internet and galleries. As i use my phone to take pictures, i will love to have a good quality camera set to keep on photographing our beautiful world”.

”My message to everyone who is interested in photography..” never give up. Keep on taking pictures and upload them to your social media. Learning from experienced photographers will help you to improve your images. always be creative when taking pictures”.

”My images can be accessed when browsing to my Instagram page please follow me at sizwe_st_token. I will soon open a photography account on Facebook where you can acces my pictures”.

Some of Sizwe’s Photos :

Based on what you read on this blog, it is clear that passion is very important. Sometimes we want to be something in life but at the end, we become other thing. It is clear that Sizwe loves what he is doing. Do you think you have a talent? We can set an interview to talk about it. Just contact us.

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